wayne dyer
speaking + writing

It’s about learning to move through the uncertainty, fear, and stories with intention, resilience, and grace.

IF WE WANT TO BUILD THE FUTURE WE WANT TO LIVE, WE HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LET GO OF — AND UNLEARN — HOW WE’VE DONE THINGS IN THE PAST. It took me a while to make the shift from seeing challenges and struggles as teachers and gifts rather than inadequacy or punishment. Once I gained this perspective, I was able to put down the planning and perfectionism, and give myself permission to experiment, be in the mess, and not have all the answers. I have found that the best place for me to practice this unlearning is through writing.

Every time I write something, I make the space — sometimes over months — to process through and share learnings that have been hard-won. I  have been honored to move thought forward and step into the most important conversations we need to be having about the leaders and companies the world needs today.

Navigating Uncertainty – An Org Design Manifesto
We swim in uncertainty nearly every minute of our lives. As humans and companies, we have a responsibility to learn how to navigate uncertainty, which requires us to operate differently.

How to Build High Performing, Self-Managed Teams
Companies can’t solve the problems they’re facing today with a larger investment in marketing or by adding more tools and technology to the mix. They need purpose and high-performing teams.

Economic Purpose – Study with the Economist Group
What does it mean for a business to operate with purpose? Is it a set of well-defined brand values; a corporate responsibility initiative, a clear vision for future growth? Or something more fundamental?

What All Great Teams Practice
“Ways of working” is a loaded phrase. There are two very significant — and different — parts to this: ways of doing and ways of being. Successful cultural and systems transformation requires both.