Team Coaching


In uncertainty, all we have is experimentation. Creating the conditions so that it’s safe to continuously experiment and learn is the responsibility of every human, leader, and team in our organizations.
Often it is the lack of operating rhythm and practices — as much as psychological safety and trust — that keeps teams from performing at their best.
As teams, we can learn to:
  1. BE INTENTIONAL – about our purpose, commitments, boundaries, when we meet, and where we will do our work so can be autonomous and have freedom and flexibility
  2. MAKE SPACE – in our meeting structures and operating rhythms to process fears, feelings, tensions, and stories that get in the way of doing our best work
  3. PRIORITIZE – the right problems to solve and make thoughtful decisions that bring momentum and learning
  4. FIND OUR WAY – by proposing small moves and safe-to-try experiments that allow us to learn quickly and steer towards desired outcomes
  5. GATHER PERSPECTIVE – and learn from our work with retrospectives,  sharing those discoveries and innovation with teams across the company
  6. GET RESULTS – by working towards the outcomes and stories we want to be true, constantly steering and aligning to the overarching purpose and vision of the company

The work to become a high performing team requires coaching in real time through hard things — disappointment, power struggles, imposter syndrome, turf wars, and brave and honest conversations about expectations and accountability. This equips teams with the courage and tools integral to show up as grown ups and moving through the uncertainty we constantly face with strength, generosity, curiosity, and compassion.

My work with teams typically brings these shifts to common tensions. If your team(s) are struggling with something else entirely, we can shift that, too:


“Mack has helped us have the conversations we all avoid and thus built stronger working relationships. Without Mack, we wouldn’t have improved our productivity as a team through robust partnerships.”

Karen Austin
Former CIO at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
San Francisco


Mack has supported entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and companies all over the world — from organizations like Apple, to those with hundreds of employees — redesign their systems and build braver cultures.

She is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, trusted by Brené Brown, and published by the Economist. Connect on an initiative you’re supporting in your organization or industry event.