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There will always be challenges. Processes break down. Frameworks and systems become more cumbersome than helpful. Personalities battle. Company morale is stressed. Priorities unexpectedly and unrealistically shift. The pace is unrelenting. Everything is constantly changing. Yet, you keep pushing ahead, because as a leader you must:

  • Be confident and lead through uncertainty especially when you don’t know the way
  • Make good decisions without having the answers
  • Care about those you lead enough to give them honest feedback
  • Problem solve without creating learned helplessness
  • Prioritize under pressure when you are overwhelmed and given more to do
  • Be resilient when perpetually knocked down by setbacks without the time to get back up
  • Care for your health and well-being, have a life outside of work, and be more of who you are at work

Sound familiar? And exhausting? The simple truth is these conditions will continue to be true. Learning to lead with courage and grounded confidence  — with resilience you build inside yourself; with a shared trust and vulnerability with those you work with; with the bravery to continuously step into discomfort  — these are the durable skills and tools that will equip you to thrive in the demands you face every day as a leader at work and in your life. ,

SEPTEMBER 4 + 5, 2024

LEAD FROM VULNERABILITY + INTEGRITY – Understand why vulnerability and courage are integral, non-negotiable components to innovation, creativity, and employee engagement. Learn the myths, truths, and ways to engage with vulnerability with boundaries, integrity, and generosity.

SHIFT FROM ARMORED TO DARING LEADERSHIP – Recognize self-protection and armored behaviors that break trust and become barriers with those you work with. Learn the practices that support you in courageously shifting into daring leadership so you can do your best work and lead as your best self.

STOP SELF-SABOTAGE – Identify and face into the patterns that cause self-sabotage and hold you back at work and in life. Learn to put down the self-protection that damages relationships and gets in the way of meaningful connection, honesty, and valuable work. Practice using your agency and engaging with tension in your environment with small moves and experimentation.

MANAGE EMOTIONS + NEEDS -Practice stepping into the fears, feelings, tensions, and stories that come up in uncertain and ever-changing work environments. Learn how to manage emotions and identify and ask for the things you need that you’re not getting or are avoiding asking for.

BRAVE TRUST, EMPATHY + CONNECTION – Learn how to diagnose where trust is broken, and make the space to build trust with yourself and others. Learn to set and hold boundaries, and shift FROM behaviors like comparison, resentment, finger-pointing, judgment, avoidance, and blame TO empathy and compassion.

PRACTICE RESILIENCE – Gain practices for engaging with constant change and uncertainty. Learn ways to show up for yourself and lead when you make mistakes or experience failure and setbacks. Learn how to vulnerably and courageously engage in hard conversations, conflict, and tension with others, and what to do with your inner critic.


Mack Fogelson has supported entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and companies all over the world — from organizations like Apple, to those with hundreds of employees  — redesign their systems and build braver cultures. As a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, she brings Brené Brown's groundbreaking work to a two-day, Dare to Lead™ experience.

Dare to Lead™ is a courage building leadership program based on more than 400,000 pieces of data and over 20 years of Brené Brown's proprietary research on vulnerability, shame, resilience, and leadership.

With her lived experiences inside of organizations as an Org Designer and teaching this work, Mack has crafted a program that allows leaders  — no matter role, industry, or company size  — to build the skills and tools to navigate the constant uncertainty and complexity they face, without sacrificing their souls in the process.


“I would highly recommend Mack in carrying out this essential work that leaders need to do in the world. She is walking the talk first hand.”

Sharon Clews
Leadership Development


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