Dare to Lead™ Training


One of the most powerful tools I’ve found in supporting organizations and leaders in navigating uncertainty is Brené Brown’s work in vulnerability and courage. I am a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and I have taught Brené’s work in organizations across the world, including Apple.

With more than 20 years and 400,000 pieces of data, Brené’s research shares that it isn’t fear that gets in the way of being brave in our leadership, in our cultures, or in our organizations, it’s armor: the way we show up and self-protect when we’re afraid. This armor — pretending we have all the answers, judging and criticizing others, people pleasing, cynicism, sarcasm, over-committing, avoiding, and many other forms — keeps us from being the best version of ourselves and doing our best work.

The leadership the world needs today is not asking us to be less of who we are; it’s asking us to be more of who we are. The leadership the world needs today is relational leadership, and every step on the journey to becoming this leader requires vulnerability and courage.

I offer custom Dare to Lead™ leadership development training over a series of experiences — virtual or face-to-face — for leaders, teams, and organizations who want to be better equipped to navigate uncertainty and complexity, and are committed to becoming world-class leaders.


• How to engage with vulnerability — uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure — as your best self

• How to be empathetic and have self-compassion 

• How to give and be brave enough to receive feedback

• How to be honest, clear, and kind with others when facing hard conversations 

• How to be in your integrity, especially when making difficult decisions 

• How to manage your emotions and take responsibility for your needs

• How to build resilience; learning to get up when you’ve fallen down after doing brave and hard things

• How to set boundaries and hold yourself and others accountable 

• How to build trust with yourself and others

• How to challenge your stories and learn to write new ones that serve you

• How to cultivate empathy, generosity, and curiosity for yourself and others

• How to become the leader (and human) you want to be


“I would highly recommend Mack in carrying out this essential work for leaders. Mack is right when she says that this is the work that leaders need to do in the world. She is walking the talk first hand.”

Sharon Clews
Leadership Development at Apple 


I have been honored to speak and work all over the world with companies like Apple, Charles Schwab, and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Connect on an initiative you’re supporting in your organization or industry event.