We will always have struggle. It’s how we choose to move through it that defines us as humans and companies.

Mack Fogelson

We will always have struggle. It’s how we choose to move through it that defines us as companies and humans.

AS AN ORG DESIGNER, I SUPPORT COMPANIES IN LEARNING TO OPERATE BETTER. My work in the world teaches leaders and teams across the company to (re)shape systems that don’t serve them, and practice new ways of working so they can do their best work in constant uncertainty and complexity. I pioneer innovative approaches to integrating change and  solving problems, teaching organizations, leaders, and teams to share power and better distribute hierarchy, build braver cultures, and master courageous leadership. I teach organizations to drive alignment with autonomy, principles and vulnerability rather than rules and policies. Every human in the company plays an active role in owning and ensuring quality of product and service, customer relationships and experience, and employee engagement, connection, and belonging. The result of this work creates the ideal conditions for experimentation, innovation, and collaboration, honoring and integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Making Shifts

There are many shifts that come as a result of this work

“Without Mack, we wouldn’t have broken the endless loop of command and control, lack of trust, and expecting perfection through big sweeping changes rather than safe-to-try small moves. She pushes us through the discomfort, holds us accountable, and doesn’t let us rely on the same old excuses.”


Where I Come In

I offer support in a few ways

Cultural + Systems Transformation
Dare to Lead™ Leadership Training

Without Mack, we wouldn’t have survived through lockdown, eight months of remote working, and a global pandemic as a strong team with relatively good spirits! She has given all of our teams, but especially our Executive team, a better foundation from which to go through this experience.”