The uncertainty, complexity, and constantly shifting conditions in our work environments can feel both brutal and humbling even for the most capable leaders, teams, and organizations. 

As leaders, in order to cope, we spend a lot of energy wishing things and people would change. We spend a lot of time waiting, resisting, and fighting against rather than doing valuable work we’re proud of that moves the company forward. 

As organizations, we know we’re stuck, struggling to innovate, solve problems, make decisions, retain our employees and customers, and it’s having an impact on the business. And still we wait.

What if instead of waiting, we became the leaders and organizations who — with our teams — evolve the way we work.


NEW WAYS OF WORKING – How to navigate and lead teams through the constant uncertainty and complexity in your work environment without carrying all the weight or sacrificing your soul. Examine and disrupt mindsets, patterns, and ways of doing things that get in the way of our best work. Learn flexible ways of working that work with a distributed, dispersed, remote, or hybrid workforce.

STRATEGY + OPERATING RHYTHMS – How to work from, and constantly evolve, intentional operating rhythms and effective meeting structures. These rhythms will help you process tension, solve problems, delegate, and bring autonomy, flow, alignment, initiative, and innovation across the business.

FLOW – How to steer with principles rather than rules. How to make space to slow down, move more strategically, do less while adding more value, alleviate blocks, and evolve the processes and systems we use to do our work.  

DECISION MAKING + PROBLEM SOLVING -How to remove barriers to decision making, earn alignment, share power, shift learned helplessness, and create momentum with small moves and safe-to-try-experimentation practices.

TEAMING – How to craft and integrate communication and commitment practices within and between teams and departments, work through boundaries, and process fears and feelings. How to have conversations about accountability and build the psychological safety and trust to create inclusive, thriving, and high-performing teams.

SIX SESSIONS – Every other Tuesday at 10 am Pacific // 11 am Mountain // 1 pm Eastern // 6 pm London // for two hours per session. 


Mack Fogelson has supported entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and companies all over the world — from organizations like Apple, to those with hundreds of employees — redesign their systems and build braver cultures. She is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, trusted by Brené Brown, and published by the Economist.

With her lived experiences as an Org Designer, Mack has crafted a program that allows leaders — no matter role, industry, or company size — to build the skills and tools to navigate the constant uncertainty and complexity they face, and evolve their ways of working, without sacrificing their souls in the process.


“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I’ve been conditioned for so long to be a certain way at work that I never knew there was another way. I’ve tried new things and never thought I would be able to or would want to do the work, and now I’m doing it.”

“I’ve learned what the gaps are between what I do well and what I need to do to be more for my team. I am already leading differently and I’ve learned how toxic the ‘old ways’ can be.”

“I can’t even quantify what I’ve learned. Lots of ideas and practices I can immediately apply, and in-the-moment coaching which has been incredibly valuable.”

“Now that I know the tools, I’m not feeling that I own a disproportionate weight of our work due to my job title or the fact that I own the meeting invite.”

“It gave me a chance to refresh and pause and think each session. I got a boost of energy by learning how others are tackling challenges and leading their teams.”

“I was inspired and surprised that it held me accountable. It has changed the way I approach my team which in turn has helped them more.”

“For most of my career I thought I was a ‘pretty good’ leader, but no matter how good I got work always felt really hard. Doing this work with Mack allowed me to see how I was the cause of so many of the team behaviours I said I didn’t want, but more importantly, how to be the solution. It’s helped me become a far better leader, better colleague and frankly, a better human.”


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